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Breville/Sage Bambino Plus Dosing Funnel 54mm Snug Fit

Breville/Sage Bambino Plus Dosing Funnel 54mm Snug Fit

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A better way to enjoy your delicious brew.

* Food Safe Materials! *

This is an amazing accessory designed to work perfectly with your beloved Breville Bambino Plus portafilter. It severely reduces the mess and difficulty in loading and tamping coffee grounds. It attaches to the top of the portafilter with a simple twist for easy, hands-free use and held firmly with a perfect tight fit. This accessory also works with bottomless portafilters. With this accessory, you can now have a spill-free grinding experience. You will no longer have to clean up the mess after grinding! Once you've poured your ground coffee, you can use the tamper to tamp right through the funnel, this is the only version supporting tamping through. This accessory is a must-have for any coffee enthusiast that wants to make their coffee-making experience more efficient and less messy.

Compatible brands:
* All Breville and Sage 54mm portafilters made especially for the Bambino and the Bambino Plus.

** DOES NOT fit the Breville Smart Grinder as there's not enough clearance from the bottom.
* Does not fit the Breville MAX.

*Hand wash in cold water only and also DO NOT put in dishwasher

If you're looking for the version that supports the built in grinder like the Barista express you need this one:

If you have any requests feel free to reach out to me.

This product is 3D printed, as a result you will be able to feel the layer lines made by the 3D printing process, other than that it won't make a difference and will work great!
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