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Dyson AirWrap Wall Mount Storage Organizer AirWrap Holder

Dyson AirWrap Wall Mount Storage Organizer AirWrap Holder

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Introducing the perfect mount for your Dyson AirWrap. This mount is expertly crafted to securely hold your device, while providing easy access to one of your favorite accessories with its side holder.

This mount is designed with a semi-loose fit to ensure that your device stays firmly in place, without accidentally pulling off the magnetic dust guard located at the bottom. We understand the importance of protecting your device, and that's why the designer took extra care to design the mount with this in mind.

In addition, there's more space between the main holder and accessory holder, allowing for comfortable handling of your device, without any obstruction from the accessory. This thoughtful design ensures that you have full control over your Dyson AirWrap while using the accessory.

Experience convenience and peace of mind with this expertly designed mount for your Dyson AirWrap. Order now and take your styling routine to the next level.

*** NO Dyson accessories are included and they are used for demonstration purposes only! ***

This product is 3D printed, as a result you will be able to feel the layer lines made by the 3D printing process, other than that it won't make a difference and will work great!

Designed by scootsmcgoots. Sold under the CC Attribution license.

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