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Milwaukee M18 Tool Holder Mount - For 1 Tool

Milwaukee M18 Tool Holder Mount - For 1 Tool

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This storage solution is specifically designed to keep your Milwaukee M18 tools organized and easily accessible. The holder is designed to fit the battery slot for each individual tool, making it a convenient and efficient way to store your tools. The circular saw requires a larger block and different screw placement, but each block requires #14 x 1 1/2" wood screws (not included). With this storage solution, you'll never have to search for your tools again, and your workspace will always be clean and tidy. Keep your tools in the right place and ready to go with this Milwaukee M18 tool holder.

** Each listing is for 1 tool only, if you need it for more tools just increase the quantity when you place an order

* Screws are NOT included.

* Milwaukee tools are NOT included and are used for demonstration purposes only.

This product is 3D printed with hard material that will hold your tools firmly, as a result you will be able to feel the layer lines made by the 3D printing process, other than that it won't make a difference and will work great!

If you have any questions please send me a message I will respond instantly!

designed by Taaang distributed by the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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