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WDT Tool - Espresso Distribution Tool Coffee Stirrer Improve Espresso Coffee Making

WDT Tool - Espresso Distribution Tool Coffee Stirrer Improve Espresso Coffee Making

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Mounting Options
With this WDT tool you can have clumps free and uniform spread of your ground coffee inside the portafilter before tamping. Works with all espresso machines and portafilters including a bottomless portafilter obviously.

A better way to enjoy your delicious brew.

* Food Safe Materials! *

Ready to take your espresso to the next level?
Modern design with a silver strip and a coffee logo on top.

You can choose to get it with either a:
1. Mounting dock so you can attach the WDT tool to it and hang on the side of your machine/wall
(3M double sided tape is included)
2. a stand which allows you to simply rest it on your table.
3. Both mounting options (Only 1 WDT Tool with 2 storage options).

**** Please mind when you choose to get both a Dock and a Stand you get only 1 WDT Tool ****

This tool uses 9 stainless steel pins with a thickness of 0.4mm and you can choose your own pin arrangement from the existing 13 holes. You can add or remove pins easily by unscrewing the lid and control their amount and position which allows a better control over the spread inside the basket.

Package Content:
* 1x WDT tool body and lid
* Docking station (Dock/Stand/both) per choice.
* 9x stainless steel pins (Dull tips!)

The Dosing funnel from the video is NOT included If you're looking for that funnel for Breville/Sage machines you can get yours at:

*Hand wash in cold water only and also DO NOT put in dishwasher

If you have any requests feel free to reach out to me.

This product is 3D printed, as a result you will be able to feel the layer lines made by the 3D printing process, other than that it won't make a difference and will work great!
Breville design funnel sage design funnel

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